Group Classes

Group Classes are the new wave of learning to dance.  Gone are the days of high pressure selling of expensive private lessons.  Group classes are the most effective & sustainable way of learning to dance.  At Dance101 we put our best teachers into group classes, you don't need to have private lessons to achieve your goals

Social Group Classes

Start any time, social group classes are focused on social dancing and keeping things light.  You don't need a partner, you certainly don't need to know what to do and you don't need to commit to a term or even have a goal.  With no specific term dates, no specific outcomes, we keep the details light and the fun alive

Syllabus Group Classes

Our 7 level Syllabus Group Classes deliver results like no other classes.  With approximately 3-5 months per term, Syllabus Group classes go down to detail and embed your body and brain with new information.  These classes have an ideal start time and a definite conclusion date.  The focus is on achieving a goal and showing specific / incremental improvement over a period of time.

Fitness Group Classes

Group fitness classes have a very specific focus on building dance muscle, co-ordination, timing, rhythm, musicality and foot speed unique to dancing.  Fitness Group classes are Open Level and designed to give an all round workout.  Suitable for all ages, body types and skill levels, Fitness Group Classes are an important feature on our Group Class Timetable in building the body you need to dance

Skills Group Classes

Skills Group Classes have a key focus of fundamental movement of the body.  These classes are not partner focused, all movements are done solo and we take a key distinction of movement, break it down and rebuild that movement inside your body.  Skills Groups Classes are a fantastic way to learn new movement and/or break bad habits

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